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is to grow the economy and cut spending. you won't grow the economy if you put tax rates on the top two rates. >> there was no serious discussion by the white house on entitlements on medicare and medicaid. this has to be a part of this agreement. >> reporter: the white house is going all out on this campaign tactical front, even deploying twitter, using the hash tag, to learn how they would save. >>> and chuck todd on the white house lawn, starting us off. a big aspect of this again is medicare, 50 million americans get their health insurance through medicare. that number is growing quickly as the baby boom number gets older. polls show americans don't want big change to it, but big change could come. nbc's tom costello has more on what it may look like. >> reporter: it is one of the most popular government programs, but medicare now accounts for more than 13% of federal spending, and expected to grow at what many analysts call an unsustainable rate. so among the many options congress could consider to cut costs, slowly raise the eligibility age, and it would affect mr. and mrs. green, who l
. >> increasing tax rates draws money away from the economy that needs to be invested in the economy to put people back to work. it is the wrong approach. >> reporter: bolder by his re-election, and criticized for being soft on republicans in the past, he drew a hard line, including $1.6 trillion in revenues, $600 billion in additional spending cuts, about half in medicare, and at least $50 billion infrastructure spending. >> we don't want to increase tax rates, we're not going to increase tax rates. and we want to do something about the spending problem. >> reporter: aides say senate minority leader mcconnell laughed after tim geithner showed him the offer thursday. today, confl republican goals remain the same, they say, serious entitlement reform, including higher premiums for the wealthy, and increases in the eligibility wage, with the clock ticking, both sides are working. >> all of us will have to get out of our comfort zones to make it happen. >> reporter: now also a part of the president's plan ending congressional oversight of the debt limit, one aide says it is a pipe dream. lawmakers ar
: a lonely field on the outskirts of tracy hard to imagine this represents hope in a troubles economy. what is going on here tracy city manager leon churchill can't exactly reveal. >> nothing official to state at this time however there have been some media leaks that refer to our large scale employer. >> reporter: according to the city's mayor that employer is internet powerhouse amazon. the mayor has confirmed the company plans to open a major distribution center on the site. >> we have plans for 1.2 million square foot facility. it can be exciting. >> reporter: ground work was laid when amazon agreed to start collecting state and local sales tax in california. two distribution centers were opened. >> it is a point of sale so sales tax revenue will be very welcomes. >> reporter: the potential for 1,000 jobs was also welcome news at the work net employment centers job seekers were buzzing with possibility. >> they told me here that once it is opened they are going to start doing interviews here. i will be banging on the door. >> reporter: amazon didn't respond to requests and tracy's mayor
to hit record highs. >>> help wanted. why, in this economy, are some big american brand names having a tough time filling thousands of open jobs? >>> and women warriors. they're breaking barriers, battle tested, and every bit as tough as the guys. >>> good evening. there is deep shock and sadness tonight in kansas city, missouri, and across much of the football world after a horrible tragedy that has left an nfl star player and his girlfriend dead in an apparent murder-suicide. police say kansas city chiefs linebacker jovan belcher shot the 22-year-old woman before he headed to the stadium he was expected to play in tomorrow afternoon. it was there he turned the gun on himself. thanh truong joins us from arrowhead stadium in kansas city. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you. arrowhead stadium is a symbol of pride for this city and the kansas city chiefs but there is a lot of sorrow here right now after a deadly day ended not far from where i'm standing. shortly before 8:00 this morning, gunfire erupted at this kansas city suburban home. >> when we arrived, a lady came out a
pretty easily. and jon and laura, just a few minutes ago we got the latest gdp numbers. the u.s. economy grew 2.7% in the july to september quarter. that's better than expected. >> all right, scott, thank you very much. good vibrations there. >>> right now we are watching that weather as we get a little break before a second storm heads right here to the bay area. >> time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> a very active forecast continues. good morning to you. the first week of december is going to be kind of rough across the bay area. start with this live picture over san francisco where we don't have any fog. no rainfall in this area. yesterday we had three-hour flight delays, so the good news for travelers is it looks like flights are leaving on time this morning. we'll continue to track that for you. we have a lot of cloud cover overhead. you'll notice that as soon as the sun comes up over the next 30 minutes. then as we head throughout the day today, those clouds will thicken up as this front starts to drop to the south and gets closer and closer to the bay area. we'
for the martians. >>> the u.s. economy grew 2.7% in the latest quarter, that's better than expected. cisco systems says it will buy a private company in sunnyvale for about $140 million. and the u.s. secretary of the interior said a short time ago he had made a decision the drake's bay oyster company has to leave point reyes within the next 90 days. the company's lease expired at the end of the month. the area will be returned to protected wilderness. >> sounds like it's hurting marla. >> well, joe rosato, jr. did a story on that earlier this wooeng week. >> he'll have more an that tonight at 6:00. >>> meteorologist christina loren, get ready for round two, huh? >> indeed. want to start with this video from one of our editors here at nbc bay area. shana burger sent this in. this is the san lorenzo river yesterday in the height of the storm. we already have downed trees near the river up in the santa cruz mountains and expecting more rainfall on already saturated ground making for treacherous driving conditions. we are expecting the bulk of the moisture in the north bay. let's talk about what's hap
gdp which may show the economy grew more than previously thought this summer. the dow jumped 106 points to 12,985 while the nasdaq was up nearly 24 points to 2991 on those positive comments. meantime small businesses hit it big on cyber monday. digital research firm big commerce says a surge in orders drove overall revenue for small chains and mom and pop stores up 25% over last year's cyber monday. the average order price was 8% higher. online shoppers bought so much stuff, local retailers were averaging about two orders per second. that's four times the normal daily rate. >>> you know, it seems as though every single day during the holiday season has its own title. small business saturday, cyber monday, now it's cyber week. i'm wondering if every day between now and christmas will get its own special sale name. >> that's the direction we're moving. do keep in mind i feel like i hit the lottery every day because i get to connect with you. so we'll see you soon, bertha. sharing the love. >> sorry we have to take away those boxes. >> i'm a little gjealous. >> the powerball for me
is roaring back this year. everybody is hoping it's a sign of a morro bust economy, but way too many families got caught and are still trapped in the downturn. ann curry spent time with families who were supposed to have the american dream, educated, hard-working with all the trappings of middle class life in america. but in kind of a slow-motion way, they have watched themselves become part of a new class of working homeless, something we last saw in the depression 80 years ago. and as ann curry shows us tonight, these families are trying mightily to turn their lives back around. >> reporter: it's an ordinary school day for nine-year-old jillian kenard and her sisters in jackson, tennessee. band class, a math class. but life for the kenard sisters are anything but ordinary. >> guys, it's time to get up. >> reporter: every sunday, their parents, patrick and cindy, wake them before the sunrises. they fold cots. >> we till have some more packing to do. >> reporter: and pack up their lives. jillian makes sure the birdhouse she built out of popsicle sticks, glitter and glue isn't left behind. and
. >> throw the journalists back in economy. >> well, some of them deserve to be. just saying. >> justin bieber, remember the woman who accused him of having a baby with her. this is back up again. >> paternity is back. >> we thought that was over. it was supposedly settled. now the attorneys are saying that they still do not have the dna test that justin said he did. so it came back to that. >> where is that test? >> the test, has it been done yet? that's the main question. >> he was on the road, the world tour and said he did it and took off. >> no one knows where the dna test is. so apparently, it hasn't been settled. >> and that child is in this world. >> yes, it is. >> thank you, jason. >> joy bauer shares secrets to losing that stubborn belly fat. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egg erwith the weather channel walking you through the next few days as we get into the weekend. for friday we're looking at quiet weather across the middle of the country. much cooler air across the northern states. that's going to change as the mild air builds up across the north get into the w
costco. warning the economy could suffer greatly if lawmakers can't get a deal done. he proudly flashed his store membership card. >> i went to get my wife's card, she said no, no, no, get your own. >> reporter: according to sources at the white house and on the hill, treasury secretary geithner offered a plan that includes $1.6 trillion in new taxes and $400 billion in spending cuts. it is essentially the budget proposal from last year, a plan republicans called a nonstarter. you can expect president obama to take more trips like the one he is making today to try to move the needle on these negotiations. willie? >> kristen welker at the white house. david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning. >> if looking for reason to be optimistic a deal will be done, yesterday was not your day. by most accounts, treasury secretary tim geithner laughed off capitol hill literally by mitch mcconnell, john boehner says the white house offer is not serious. is this a breakdown in negotiation or the first steps in what will be a month of negotiation? >> the worst thing to
and they weren't allowed to go in. >> throw the journalists back in economy. >> well, some of them deserve to be. >> right. >> justin bieber, remember the woman who accused him of having a baby with her. this is back up again. >> paternity is back. it was supposedly settled. now the attorneys are saying that they still do not have the dna test that justin said he did. so it came back to that. >> where is that test? >> the test, has it been done yet? >> he was on the road, the world tour and said he did it and took off. >> no one knows where the dna test is. so apparently, it hasn't been settled. >> and that child is in this world. >> yes, it is. >> thank you, chase. >>> secrets to losing that stubborn belly fat. fit 'em in my budget. well, with the walmart credit card special financing offer, you can get the sony blu-ray home theater system with wi-fi and the high zoom cyber-shot camera with full hd. look at you, spreading some christmas joy! my cart's kinda full. mind holding these? sure. you know what, muscle man, me and you together, we can knock this christmas thing out. this way, sweetie. [
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11